He sits in a cell here on death row,

Awaiting his turn…almost time to go.

His mom remembers times when but a small child;

He sat on her lap, so pure, meek and mild.

She’d read stories and sing, and rock him to sleep,

And smile at this angel, God put in her keep.

Though he strayed far from her, and did unspeakable things,

She still look at him as her cherub with wings.

She still loves and forgives him…unconditionally,

He’s still her sweet little son, and he always will be.

No matter his state, or how fallen he be,

She only remembers the times on her knee;

When this ruddy cheeked boy, with soft fluttering eyes,

Would lay asleep in her lap…soft breathing, and sighs.

She’d daydream about him becoming a man,

While he’d sleep for hours…she’d be making her plans,

Though he chose the wrong path, turned his back…walked away,

She still has hope that he’ll come back someday.

If for just but a moment, he will choose the right path

And ask for forgiveness…for mercy from wrath,

And call on the Lord…then believe on His name…

Her sweet little angel would return once again!

Now, Jesus looks at us in the very same way…

He loves us no matter how far we stray.

He forgives us of all our unspeakable sins,

And prays for the day, our wicked hearts He will win.

Just call out to Him…believe on His name…

And your prison-like life, will immediately change!

He loves and forgives you unconditionally…

Just give Him your heart…that’s all it takes to be free!

By:  Anita Mondragon-started in 2009, finished in 2016

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