When troubles come your way, sometimes God will save the day,
the times He brings you to it, he will surely be with you through It,
but when The troubles overtake you, overpower, consume and break you,
each tear you shed in pain surely will bring you to your break through.

So, be sure your tribulation, works to bring about salvation,
God will surely make you ready  so the world can see you steady.
Faith in God will keep and protect you,  and His word will surely connect you,
to the truth which will correct you,  from  the lies which would deflect you
know that God has not forgot you nor has He ever left you.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednigo, through the fire God tested them to go,
but when the King saw four not three, he was perplexed, how could this be,
three went in, but now are four,  and it  vexed him to the core.
The king reported of what he saw,  said the form of one  was as the son of God,
From Nebuchadnezzar’s evil decree, God , through the fire , delivered the three,
without burns, smelly clothes, not even a tinge,
in the midst of the flame, emerged un-singed,
So be sure my friend, God is faithful and true, to deliver us from the evil we walk through
for no furnace we are placed within is able to overcome the Great I Am.

By:  Michael Mondragón

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