Have you ever felt that the things going on in your life are a mistake?  …That God’s personal secretary must have pulled the wrong file folder?  Because the “Plan” that’s playing out in your life, MUST belong to someone else!

So, you go to God in earnest prayer…but His line, always seems to be busy.  You cry out to Him, and explain that there must have been a mistake…this CAN’T be HIS plan for you!  You ask Him to check again and make sure He has the correct spelling of your name…make sure  He’s looking at YOUR file; but, you don’t hear back.  It seems like He’s far away…maybe non-existent.

After awhile, His “unreturned” calls don’t matter to you  anymore, because NOW, you don’t want to talk to Him.  You have feelings of hurt and anger towards Him.

Yes…you’re saved, and on your way to Heaven…but it’s like you and He are strangers.  The close fellowship between you is gone.  You’re starting to mistrust Him…

This is a BAD place to be-but we’ve all been there before…some of us, maybe more than once.  It seems our whole lives have felt like this, and the more we try to do what is right, the more abandoned we feel!

We begin to ask questions…”Has God forsaken me? ”  “Is He tired of all my messages?”  “Is He ignoring me?”  “Has He forgotten me?”  “Does He even love me anymore?”  “How could He let me go through all of this if He REALLY loves me??”

The truth is…we’re like diamonds in the rough.  When God finds us, He can see the finished product…but first, there is a lot that must be removed…we must be cut and polished…then we will be beautiful.  The same holds true with silver.  The silver must pass through the fire many times to rid it of the dross and impurities that lie within.  The silver is only ready for use, when the Silversmith can see his reflection.

The trials of fire that we go through, will remove our impurities; then God can see His reflection in us…others will see His reflection in us too!

In regards to your “unanswered” prayers…be sure…He IS listening!  And by the way…He has no secretary.  He manages His own office…keeps His own books.  He KNOWS the plans He has for you…   “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you (give you peace) and not to harm you (not to give you evil), plans to give you hope and a future.”   Jeremiah 29:11

Take heart!


By:  Anita Mondragon 2016


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