“Put on the whole armour of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”  Eph. 6:11

The boys in Fred’s neighborhood thought they were having fun.  :We’ll throw the wood all over old Mr. Jenkins’ lawn…that’ll show him he shouldn’t be so crabby.  Next time he’ll let us play in his field.”

Fred was the only Christian in the group, and he knew that this would be wrong; but he could not convince the other boys.

That night the boys did just as they said, but very early the next morning, Fred was there stacking the wood in a pile.  When Mr. Jenkins saw this, he gave Fred a dollar and asked him if he would want a regular job helping around the yard and house.  “You look like a boy who can be trusted,” said Mr. Jenkins, “and that’s what I need.”

There are many people in the Bible who proved that they could be trusted.  Daniel proved it to the king, Moses proved it in leading the children of Israel.  Joshua and Caleb proved it when the spies came back with a bad report.  Ruth proved it when she left her idols and came with her mother-in-law to worship the true God.

Through our lives we prove to people whether or not they can trust us.  How can we be trustworthy?  By asking God to give us the strength and help that it takes.  Remember, this strength comes from reading His Word every single day!


  1. What were the boys in the neighborhood planning to do to Mr. Jenkins?
  2.  Whey was Fred different from the other boys?
  3.  What did Fred do early the next morning?
  4.  What was the result of this?
  5.  Name three people in the Bible who could be trusted.
  6.  How do we receive strength to live lives such as these men lived?

Pray that you will be a good soldier for the Lord Jesus Christ.  A soldier always obeys his commanding officer.  Pray that you will be obedient to you Commanding Officer, the Lord Jesus!

By:  Ruth I. Johnson

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