I was a little on the sad side yesterday…just going through some personal things with kids.  I guess it showed all over my face when my husband arrived home.  I couldn’t even share what I felt at that moment.  He understood, and did not press me.

When we went up to bed, he had his ipad with him.  He handed it to me, and said, “This is for you.”

As I held it before me, there was a farmer with his sheep in the background.  He  explained that the mother sheep just had delivered twins a couple of hours before.  One little lamb was accepted…the other was not.  For some reason, she rejected it.  Then the farmer said the most beautiful thing, and I paraphrase, he said, “Some of you feel rejected and down-cast right now, but just like the little lamb…the Shepherd will care for you!  I am going to take care of this lamb, feed it, take it into my home, and love it.  It will want for nothing. ”  Then he said, “Maybe The Good Shepherd wants to do the same for you.  Maybe you are in need of HIS love and care right now, so all others have forsaken you…but HE will always be there to love and protect you…”  I received that word of encouragement, and had a peaceful night of rest.

I woke up this morning, and as I was getting breakfast and lunch ready for my husband, God drew me to the Promise Box.  I prayed as I placed my hand on the box that God would give me something to provide strength for the day.  I drew one, and was ready to take my hand away…and I heard Him say…”Take another one…”  I did.  Here is what they say:

“Let not your heart be troubled…neither let it be afraid.”  John 14:27  The other one said:

“Turn unto the Lord your God; for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness.”  Joel 2:13

There was a little poem attached to both.  One read, “…All is right that seems most wrong, if it be His great will.”  The other said this, “Within the maddening maze of things, and tossed by storm and flood, to one fixed stake my spirit clings…I KNOW THAT GOD IS GOOD!”  Both authors unknown.

If you’re down and out…call on the Lord and feel His grace and mercy…His acceptance and kindness.  Don’t be troubled at the situation, and fear not…for GOD IS GOOD!  He will always do what is best for us!

By:  Anita Mondragon February 2016

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