“Now then we are ambassadors for Christ.”  II Corinthians 5:20


The following comes from a devotional booklet that my parents read to me as a small child.  Read it to your children…they will remember it in the years to come.-anita


Do you have a clock in your home?  Look at it.  Is it running?  Does it tell the correct time?  Then it is a good clock.

Maybe your clock has stopped.  If so, it is not a good clock, because it does not help you to know the time.

A clock has two hands.  One tells the hour, and the other tells the minute.  These hands do not scratch the face of the clock, nor do they rub together.  If they did, they would not be good hands.

Does your clock have an alarm?  If so, no doubt it rings and gets you up in the morning.  If you take care of your clock and keep it clean, it will give you the right time.  If it gets dirty, it may not tell the right time.

What do we do with a clock when it gets dirty or does not run right?  We take it to the watchmaker.  He opens it and looks at all the little wheels.  He cleans it and polishes it.  He sets the hands just so.  He fixes the alarm and then watches it to see if it will run right.

God does this for us.  We are His clocks.  If we are to tell people about Jesus, we must be clean and pure and true.  We keep clean by reading God’s Word.  We must be as an alarm and warn people that Jesus is coming soon, telling them to be ready.


  1. What does a clock do?
  2.  What does the alarm do?
  3.  What do we do with the clock when it gets dirty?
  4.  What does the jeweler do with it?
  5.  How are we like a clock?
  6.  How can we keep clean?

Pray for Pastors, Missionaries, Christian workers, and Sunday School teachers who are warning people to be ready when Jesus comes.  Pray for all Christians, that their lives may be clean so that Jesus can use them in His service.  Pray for yourself, that you may be clean.


By:  Ruth I. Johnson

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