There are many verses in the Bible that encourage laughter, for it is good for the soul.  “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”  Proverbs 17:22

Below are some funny, yet wise sayings I heard while growing up.  Some were from friends, most were from grand-parents, parents, and preachers.  So…if you woke up heavy-hearted this morning…read the following and laugh!  It’s healing to the soul!-anita


**On Aging:

  •  One of the good things about getting old is, you can hear all the things you said before for the first time! -Barnwood Builders
  • As you are…so once was I; and as I am…so shall you be. – Faye Hays

**On Modesty:

.  Kids now days don’t wear enough clothes to wad a shot gun! -M.B. Schuessler

.  You ain’t wearing enough clothes to make a pair of leggings for a honeybee!-A straight-laced preacher in Texas

**On Sowing Your Wild Oats:

.  A dancing foot, and a praying knee don’t grow on the same leg!-M.B. Schuessler

.  A lot of folks go out on Saturday night and sow their wild oats; then on Sunday morning they come to church, run to the alter, and pray for a crop failure…it won’t happen!  God says, “Whatever you sow…you WILL reap!” – M.B. Schuessler

**On Housekeeping:

.  The Bible says that man is made from the dust of the earth, and I swear…I have at least six guys under my bed! -Faye Hays

**On The Friends You Keep:

.  Birds of a feather, flock together! -Grandma Schuessler

**On Taking Advice:

.  You can lead a horse to water…but you can’t make him drink!- Grandpa Koehn

**On Proper Actions For Young Ladies:

.  A whistling woman, and a crowing hen, will surely come to some BAD end!- Grandma Koehn

**On Pre-Marital Sex:

I’m like the tomato bud…DON’T SQUEEZE ME, ’till I’m yours!- Faye Hays

**On Vulgarity:

.  Some folks use the words, damn and hell like salt and pepper; most of these folks over-season the conversation! -Faye Hays

.  Cursing is the effort of a feeble mind to express it’s self forcefully!- Unknown

**On Health:

.  If God would have intended you to smoke…He would have put a fire-box in your belly, and a smoke stack on your head! -M.B. Schuessler

.  Smoking will only ruin your health!  You’re like a walking billboard:  Fire on one end…Fool on the other! – M.B. Schuessler

**On Retirement (of Pastors):

.  Old preachers never die…they just go out to pastor!- Faye Hays

**On Hasty Actions (doing before you think, and paying the consequences later):

.  You made your bed…now lie in it!-Lola Schuessler

.  Look before you leap!-Grandma Schuessler

.  What in the cat hair were you thinking???- M.B. Schuessler

**On Facing The Truth:

.  Truth hurts to heal…fiction tickles to destroy.  – Dan Allen

**On Getting To The Point:

.  Stop going around the barn…and just spit it out for Heaven’s sake!!- Aunt Heps


We can see the humor in most of these old sayings…but there is also a lot of wisdom in the above words.  Laugh…but find their deeper meaning.  You’ll be wise if you do!-anita


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