Today would have been my friend Faye’s  birthday. She was in her 90’s when she passed.  Lydia was only 24 when she went to be with Jesus.   This is a tribute to them.  I know they  wait for me in Glory.  I miss you both!- anita


I have a wondrous garden, full of friends I love so dear.

They make my life more beautiful, so I hold them always near.

But Jesus saw how lovely they were, so He plucked two, for His own;

And put them in His garden fair, not far from His great throne.

One flower taken, was but a bud, the other, in full bloom.

Now they grow with all the flowers of Heaven, just outside the Savior’s room.

He cares for them with love each day, as they bask within His light;

Their hues of color, are beyond compare; these flowers…a glorious sight!

They’re near the Sea of glass, and the shimmering river fair;

The garden path is made of gold…there stands these flowers rare.

They shall forever be at rest, and bloom in radiant glory.

They’ll shine as jewels for Jesus’ crown, and ‘ere repeat the story;

How they, when withering and declining, the Savior found and did set free…

They’ll sing how blest they are just knowing, how in that garden, they came to be.

I know we’ll meet again, but you’re both missed, more than words can say;

My friends…my flowers, oh so rare…

Gentle Lydia, and sweet Faye!

By:  Anita Mondragon March 2008


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