The Holy Hills of Heaven…

“No longer will there be any curse…”  Revelation 22:3 (Read Revelation 22:1-5)


I arose early this morning, my mind troubled by dreams of hurt and betrayal.  I was in desperate need of time with God, so picked up my devotional.  The second line I read, hit home with me.  It said, “We live in a mixed-up, tarnished world and we have never known anything different…”  WOW!  I couldn’t have expressed what I felt any better!  That pretty much summed it up for me.

I did feel better by the end of the reading, because I was reminded that we will not have to put up with this forever…this mixed-up, tarnished world.  We are going to a better place to be with Jesus for all of eternity! …IF we know Him as our Savior!

I headed into the kitchen to make breakfast and lunch for my husband to take to work.  I spied the calendar hanging on the fridge, and became very sad.  My dad’s earthly birthday just passed a while back, and I saw that one of my best friends’ birthday would have been this Friday…if she were still here.  After my dad passed away, she was the person I went to for advice.  She died when she was 92 years old…full of wisdom.  As I stood, missing her and my dad, I knew in my heart how much they must be enjoying that place of rest.  Then, Jesus reminded me of an old song, sung by The Rambos.  It was called, “The Holy Hills of Heaven.”  Here are some of the words:

“The holy hills of Heaven call me, to mansions bright, across the sea; Where loved ones wait, and crowns are given…the holy hills, keep calling me.

This house of flesh, is but a prison…bars of bone hold my soul;  But these jars of clay are gonna burst wide open when the angels set my spirit free.  I’ll take my flight like the mighty eagles, when the hills of home start calling me!”

The words of this song are something that I have clung on to for dear life at times.  They give me hope that someday life will be as it should be…perfect, there, in the presence of God.

C. S. Lewis wrote: “This is a good world gone wrong, but [it] still retains the memory of what ought to have been.”

So, If you had a restless night like I did…TAKE HEART!  Someday, it will all be as it should!

By:  Anita Mondragon Feb. 2016

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