Yesterday morning, I awoke to find snow outside.  The forecast was for much more to come during that day, and the next two days.  They said a total of 8-16 inches…in town!

It was Sunday, time to go to church.  In my heart of all hearts, I WANTED to go…but I didn’t really “feel” like going.  I kept lying there, in my bed, with my warm, toasty covers pulled up about my neck.  It was over-cast outside…it was a wonderful day to just sleep-in!

I knew I needed to get up and get ready…but I continued to lay there and watch the clock, tick tock the time away.  I began to pray…”Lord, I really want to go today, but you know what a hard day yesterday was for all of us;  I just need some rest!”  I was hoping He would pat me on the shoulder and say, “That’s OK!  You poor thing!  You just stay right where you are and rest…we can get along without you this morning!” …And, He CAN, by the way!…but I heard NOTHING; so I went on, “Lord…please FIX MY ATTITUDE!.”  That’s when I heard Him say, “I’ll fix it when you get there…YOU fix it now!”

Reciprocation is needed in ALL relationships; those with spouses, children, relatives, friends, and especially with God Almighty!  We pray and ask Him for things constantly… and He gives.  He asks us in His Word to, “Not forsake the assembling of ourselves together…” In plain English, that means: It’s Sunday…go to church and meet with other believers, and worship me!

I’m sure Jesus didn’t “feel” like it, when He went to the cross; but He went anyway, and He “fixed it” there for you and me…our salvation is fixed…sealed…all we have to do is receive it!   It’s time for us to reciprocate to our Heavenly Father!

Oh…and by the way…Church service was great!  I’m really glad that I went…it was just what I needed!

By:  Anita Mondragon  January 31, 2016

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