As a young man, I used to think I could make decisions about my life, and then things would fall into place accordingly.  The older I get, however, I the more I feel sometimes as though my “decisions” are worthless.  No matter what I choose, something, or someone comes along, and affects the decision, and causes me to have to re-direct my course of action.  I almost feel as though no decision should ever be cast in stone or, better yet…ybe I shouldn’t even make any decisions…(try that thought out for size!)

I’m pretty sure we are unable to go through life  without making decisions:  Should I eat today?  What should I eat then?  And, when should I eat it?  Should I get out of bed?  Should I drive to this appointment?  Should I even love my wife???

Most things in our typical day force us to make decision, after decision…like it or not; and some decisions are not as basic as those I mentioned above but instead, are life changing:  Should I take this job?  Should I marry this person?  Should I go to college?  Should I have the surgery…or hope the drug plan works?  These are decisions of monumental import!

But wait…doesn’t God have a plan for my life?  And if He does…do my decisions really matter?  And let me hasten to say, I’m not an advocate of what most people would call fatalism-the belief that all events are predetermined, and inevitable.

Most Christians would agree that God does have a plan for my life and, further, His Will, will always be realized.  So…again…do my decisions really matter?  As long as I act according to what I believe the Bible teaches, maybe I’m alright.  I wish it were that easy…both in my ability,  to always understand what the Bible teaches, and even more so in my ability to conduct myself within those Biblical bounds!

I came across an interesting thought the other day, relevant to this discussion.

Our knowing that the Lord is in control-and that we are not-actually frees us to act.  For we can be sure that no failure of ours, i.e., no bad decision, can thwart His plan.

So, somewhere in this great mix we call life, God has allowed us to have free will.  I can’t even begin to understand this concept without twisting my brain!  I believe the Holy Spirit works along with us and our free will to help us make good decisions, ones that fit within what God teaches in His Word.  And, when we do make a bad decision-and believe me, I’m quite adept at the art of bad decisions- He graciously manages to work through them to His great purposes, and for our betterment.  Yes- sometimes there are unsavory consequences to bad decisions; but I can’t begin to tell you the many times I messed up, and God turned that mess into some of the greatest blessings in my life!  Messings to Blessings…our God is so loving, patient, and understanding of our frailties!

So, if we use common sense, pray for direction, and apply what we know is right in our hearts, I’m thinking that most of our decisions will be right on the money!  And when we do fail, God in His power and wisdom can turn any mess we’ve made into a blessing!

Aren’t you glad we don’t have to go through life alone…and on our own!

By:  Lee Pierce





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