1. JESUS (Savior):  This name is precious…all powerful…the name above ALL names.  Remember, it’s not only WHAT we believe…but also what we SAY! “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”  Revelation 12:11 KJV
  2. FORGIVE:  When you forgive, you are most like God.  Forgiveness qualifies you to be forgiven by God!
  3. HELP:  If you need help…ask for it!  There is nothing demeaning, or weak when someone asks for help; because when everyone watches you fail, they will be encouraged when you rise again!
  4. OTHERS:  Do good for others…it WILL come back to you!  Read Job 42.  See what happens when he prays for his friends, even though he is the one in need.
  5. TRUST:  Trust is a higher thing than faith!  Waiting on God is the proof of trust.  Trusting God brings a protection on you!
  6. YES!:  When God asks you to do something…say “Yes”.  Don’t negotiate with the Creator of all things…just say, “YES!”  Obedience is better than sacrifice!  Miracles are ALWAYS on the other side of “YES!” when it’s God doing the asking!
  7. SEED:  Some people may say, “Here he goes…he’s going to talk about money again…”  Let me explain…money is NOT the only seed we can plant in the Kingdom!  Here are other seeds that God wants us to plant everyday!  Time, Love, Patience, Prayer, Fasting, Speech, Thoughts, Advice, and yes…Money.  Planting seed is the only influence you have over your future!

“When you let go of something you never intended to give, God says, ‘I will give something I never intended to keep!'”

By:  Mike Smalley


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