“There is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repents.”

Luke 15:10


Roy ran into the house almost crying.  “Oh mother!  I’ve lost my cat!  I can’t find her anywhere”, he said.

Mother dropped what she was doing in order to help Roy.  The looked around the yard, back of the garage, and down in the basement, but they could not find Roy’s cat.

Finally Roy went to his friend next door.  “Johnny,” he said, “would you please help me look for my cat?”  Together, they went around the neighborhood looking for the cat.

All that day they looked, but could not find him.  Roy hardly slept that night.  The next morning, he got up early to go and look for his cat.  Johnny went with him.  Finally, they found the cat in an old building.  They were so happy!  Roy picked him up, held him close, and took him back home.

The Bible tell us of something that was lost.  There was a shepherd who had one hundred sheep.  Every night he would count them to see that they were all there.  One night he counted only ninety-nine.  One sheep was missing.

The shepherd left the ninety-nine sheep, and went out to look for the one that was lost.  Finally he found it, and he was so happy!  He put it on his shoulders and brought it home.

God is very happy when someone comes to the Lord Jesus!  He knows that they are lost sinners; but when they come to Jesus, they are found, for Jesus has found them!


  1.  What had Roy lost?
  2. What two people did he ask to help him find his cat?
  3. What had the shepherd lost?
  4. How did he know that there was one sheep missing?

Pray for people who have recently accepted Christ as Savior.  They were lost but have been found.  We should be very happy that they were found by the Lord Jesus.  Pray that they will grow to be strong Christians and not fall back into sinful things.

By:  Ruth I. Johnson

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