“God sent forth His Son, made of a woman…to redeem them that were under the law.”  Galatians 4:4-5


Suzanne and her brother, Jimmy, had been playing with the toys on the floor.

“When you are through playing,” said Mother, “be sure to pick up every toy.  Someone may fall on them and get hurt.”

Suzanne promised.  A short time later, she decided to go outside to play.  She forgot the promise that she had made to her mother.  All the toys were still lying on the floor.

While Suzanne was playing outside, suddenly she heard a terrible scream.  Jimmy was crying.  Suzanne ran into the house.  There lay little Jimmy on the floor, with a cut on his chin.  Mother looked at it and quickly took her little boy to the car and drove him to the hospital.  Nurses and doctors worked with him and closed his cut with stitches.

Suzanne began to cry.  She knew that it had been her fault that Jimmy was hurt.  She should have remembered her promise and picked up her toys.  Jimmy would not have falled on them if she had.

God made some promises, but He fulfilled all of them.  His greatest promise was that He would give the world a Savior.  Jesus was born, lived, and died to be our Savior.

We who know the Lord Jesus Christ must be very careful to remember our promises to God.  If not, we may make someon else fall into sin.  When we break a promise to God, we sin, and God cannot use a sinning Christian.


  1. What did Suzanne promise to do?
  2. What happened when she forgot her promise?
  3. Where did they take Jimmy?
  4. What was the reason for this accident?
  5. What was God’s greatest promise?  How did He fulfill it?

Pray that you will keep all of the promises you make to God.  Do not make promises if you don’t plan to keep them.  Ask God for His help in this.

By:  Ruth I. Johnson

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