Our Father, please hear my humble prayer of gratitude, with all thanks and praise of my heart at this Christmas, as we rejoice in your humble and miraculous birth, Lord Jesus. Your birth, which so gloriously and thankfully defied the wisdom of this world and showed us the foolishness of worldly wisdom.
We rejoice not only in your birth, but your perfect life, your death on the cross in our place, and your resurrection; The Gospel, by which hope is freely given in love to the hopeless, salvation to the lost by grace, and by which we have been shown the meaning of love. You are the most powerful gift to mankind imaginable, and freely given to everyone. By your grace alone are we saved. I pray that the true power of your gifts continues to transform our lives, and your church, in service to you, Father, and to your Kingdom.
Thank you for the many blessings you’ve bestowed upon us all, this wonderful church family, of such big heart, and its devout focus on you, Lord Jesus. We spent this year focusing on “Deeper Roots”. May you
alone always be the soil in which those roots grow and in which we seek to abide. As we look to a new year, I pray that we may continue to grow in truly experiencing the gospel in its every facet, living its joy and to further applying the gospel to every situation we may face. May the joy in living and sharing the gospel light the renewal and growth of your church!
I pray your blessings in deepening our faith, putting feet to our faith, and deepening true fellowship so that we may understand and encourage one another in faith. I pray for growth and joy in the Word, so that we may teach and encourage one another in scripture, which is truly your story, Lord Jesus, and not a book of morals as some may believe. I pray for deepening of our prayer lives, both as individuals and as a church body. Please guide us in praise and worship worthy of your holy name.
I pray these things in love in your precious name, Lord Jesus. Amen.
By:  Michael Dunnington

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