Here it is…almost another new year!  At the end of every December, I promise myself that the coming new year is going to be different…I am going to go on a diet…I am going to stop doing things that displease God… I am going to finish that book I started, and get it published; but…it seems that I always get side-tracked…or…life and it’s many demands get in the way…and before I know it, another year has been lost!

A couple of years back, a good friend of mine let me watch a DVD that she had.  It was called:  Heeding Your Call.  I don’t even remember who the speaker was…but the following was what I got from it.  For some reason, I ran across it this morning while looking for something to blog on.  Do you think that perhaps God had a hand in this?  Of course He did!  But…it is not only for me…it is for all of us that think in the back of our minds that we are somehow unworthy to do what God has called us to do.  Maybe some of our Christian “friends”, have even told us that, “We’re good… but we just aren’t  QUALIFIED.  But…we need to listen to God…HE SAID that we are qualified to do what he has called us to do.

Here are the following take-aways that I got from the DVD.  See if any of these resonate with you.  They sure hit me between the eyes!! -anita


  1. Cultivate your purpose…live an assigned and intended life
  2. How do you see yourself?  This will determine if you succeed or not!
  3. How does God see you?  What does He believe is possible for you to achieve?…you can do ALL things through Christ, who strengthens you!-The Bible
  4. Realize that you ARE different and distinctive from everyone else!  He made YOU for a unique situation!
  5. There has to be a departure before you can return; and there has to be a call before a departure.
  6. DO NOT underestimate what you are putting your hand to!
  7. You are one of a kind!
  8. Walk like you are worth something!
  9. Learn to distribute through yourself what God has distributed IN YOU

and last of all:

10.  Know of a surety, that God doesn’t break you down…He breaks you open; just like He did with the two fish, and the five loaves…and look what those things accomplished!  They fed over five thousand people!  If you allow God to break you open…how many people can be edified by what He has placed inside of you?  How many will find Him because of your testimony?

Let’s don’t allow another year to pass without heeding our call!  Let’s LIVE LIFE ON PURPOSE!

P.S.  …I’m preaching to myself, as well as you 🙂

By:  Anita Mondragon December 2015

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