A young man, full of anger, and hate and defeat,

Goes looking for trouble, out on the street;

But something goes wrong!  There’s a BANG!! And he’s hit…

I hear someone passing by say, “Aww…he deserves what he gets!”

But, he was once some mother’s baby,

Once, some mother’s child…

She did all that she could,

So he wouldn’t go wild.

Now…cold…lifeless, and still

This young boy once so sweet,

Face down in his own blood…

Is lying dead in the street.


A beautiful girl, so young and petite,

Now makes her living by walking the street.

She picks up the John’s, and takes them all home…

How sad for her! …She still feels alone!

She was once some father’s baby,

Once, some father’s child.

She was once fair and lovely…

And undefiled.

Her father once held her, and sang her to sleep

Now here she is all alone…just a tramp on the street.


He stands every morning at the side of the road,

With his cardboard sign and his heavy load.


But…you drive on by…because, he’s just a tramp on the street.

But, he was once some mother’s baby…

He was some mother’s son;

Yet, you had nothing to give him…


She once kissed him and rocked him and sang him to sleep,

But now, he’s nothing to anyone…he’s just a tramp on the street!


Another man downtown, with his cart full of clothes,

Stumbles around, full of worries and woes.

Under the bridge is where he makes his home;

No soap, no toothbrush, not even a comb.

Do you look into his eyes?  Or do you stare straight ahead?

Do you feel sorry for him, or wonder when he’s been fed?

Well, he was once some mother’s baby,

He was some mother’s boy.

She smiled as she held him,

Her pride and her joy!

But now, here he is with no shoes on his feet…

Just a nothing’…a nobody…a nameless tramp on the street.


A man long ago, once died to make men free.

He poured out His blood for you and for me.

They speared His side…nailed His hands and His feet,

But we look away like He’s a tramp on the street!

When they nailed Him to the cross, His mother looked on and wept!

His Father, couldn’t look on sin, but in His heart He kept…reserved…

All the honor, and glory and power, forever…for that’s what His ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, deserved!

Because…He was once Mary’s baby…but He was God’s ONLY child!

He was so lovely…so meek…and so mild.

Now, with His arms opened wide, Come…Kneel at His feet!

DON’T IGNORE JESUS, like He’s just a tramp on the street!

By:  Anita Mondragon February 2005

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