A LOT OF SOMETHING…November 19, 2015

I have been watching some of a program on cable that discusses the “Big Universe” and how it formed. They talk about how the earth had to be precisely where it is in relation to the sun or it would either burn up (too close) or be a frozen wasteland (too far). And the moon had to form and be in just the correct orbit around the earth to maintain gravity for us to live. And on and on. In each case, the commentator noted that it was “a stroke of luck” for each of these things to happen as they did. And I just shake my head. Many in the scientific community would rather talk about chance or blind luck forming the universe than give any credit to the One who actually did it. I find it sad that some people—very, very intelligent people much smarter than me with access to the latest thinking and to the instruments which allow them to see so much of God’s creation in ways most of us never will—can’t bring themselves to honor their God.  And they ridicule those of us who do reverethe Lord and who see his hand in everything around us. They chastise us for placing our faith in something that can’t be empirically seen or proven and then they formulate all of these hard-to-believe explanations for things like the universe while placing their faith in blind chance!Theories like the so-called Big Bang theory – which has lost credibility among some in scientific circles – which postulates that everything that is (by this they mean all the matter and all of the energy which ever will exist anywhere in the universe) was created by an enormous explosion that happened by chance. As I ponder that concept, I came up with my own take on it: There sure must have a been a lot of“nothing” for the “something” that formed from nothing to have room to become a lot of something.  I say that in my slightly clever way because science is telling us that the universe’s radius from the originating point of the big bang explosion is 13.7 billion lightyears. Those of you who took geometry in high school would know immediately then that the supposed diameter of the universe is two radii or 17.4 billion lightyears! And it’s increasing in size since they further tell us that the universe is expanding more quickly all the time in every direction! Note that a lightyear is a unit of distance (not time) and is the distance light travels in one year. Since light travels at 186,000 miles/second, a lightyear is approximately 5.879 x 1012 miles/year. That’s 5,879,000,000,000,000 miles! That’s a lot of space according to my calculations. And for me, it begs several questions.  What was in all that space before the postulated expansion took place? How did all of the matter/energy that exists get constricted into a tiny dot (which would take an unbelievable amount of force assuming that this actually even happened)? Who supplied that force? What caused that tiny dot of everything to explode in the first place? And what are the unbelievable odds that all of the critical events that occurred for the universe to form/exist, the earth itself to form/exist, and for man to form/exist? On the last point, my humble opinion is that those odds are a much bigger number that supersedes even the number cited above for the size of the universe. Rather than place my faith in several “strokes of luck,” I would much rather place my faith in Someone who was there and, as the Bible says in Gen 1:1 and John 1:3, “All things came into being by Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being.” The heavens, the earth, and each and every man and woman who ever was or will be scream out in concerted voice that this whole universe and everything in it was designed and created by a super-intelligence whose name is God!

By:  Lee Pierce


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