Unexpected Joy

Check out these two verses from Luke 24.

Luke 24:16  (NLT)

16 But God kept them from recognizing him.

Luke 24:31a (NLT)

31 Suddenly, their eyes were opened, and they recognized him.

Did you know that sometimes God hides things from you? He doesn’t want you to see something clearly. Imagine how messed up you would get if you saw everything about God clearly all the time. You would, in fact, be God. No, there are times when God only reveals a little at a time. He knows what you can handle and what will draw you to Him. He also knows what you can’t handle and what will make you too proud. In fact, many times God is working on you, and you don’t see Him in it at all. Then suddenly, maybe days or even years later, you realize something. A light goes on and in a flash you see that it was God’s hand of love working His glorious plan in your life. He was there all the time! I look forward to those unexpected moments when God shows me something amazing, even something I have not thought about for years where God was walking beside me. I pray today you will get an unexpected flash of joy from God!

unexpected joy