MY HAVEN IS JESUS! …October 7, 2015

Sometimes life gets hard, and makes one weary.  At times, I wake from a peaceful sleep, and find myself crying from an awful dream or the remembrance of a situation I wish I could change…regrets.  But in life, there is no “rewind” button”, no going back to change things; but it’s good to know that Heaven is just around the corner…and that Jesus is ALWAYS there with us…a haven in the storms of life!  All that said, I share this poem with you.  Take heart!  Jesus is with us!  -anita


My haven is Jesus, a rock in the storm,

A shelter divine and secure;

Though billows may roll on this turbulent sea,

He’ll ever be steadfast and sure.

My haven is Jesus; this life is so brief

And full of its troubles and woe,

But I flee to my haven, my blessed Redeemer,

I’m safe in His bosom, I know.

By:  Olga J. Weiss