ANYTHING GOES…September 23, 2015

 “Jesus answered, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”  John 14:6


Remember that old song, “If it’s your thing…do what you wanna do…”?  When that song came out, that was a new idea…now, it seems to be the ‘norm’.

Now days, if you can THINK it…it’s ok to SAY it.  If you SAY it…you might as well DO it; and if you believe it enough to DO it… well…you might as well BE it!


There are no boundaries anymore; no right or wrong…no black or white.  No absolutes it seems.

When you tell people today that something is the truth, they respond with phrases like:  “Truth is different to everyone.”  “What’s truth for me, isn’t necessarily truth for someone else.”  Or, like Pilate, they ask the disturbing question, “What is truth?”.

Why can’t we as Believers be like the world in this regard?  Why can’t I be more bold?  When we think Godly things, WHY shouldn’t we SAY them?  And, if we SAY them, WHY don’t we DO them?  And, if we believe enough to DO them…WHY can’t we just go ahead and BE what we SAY?!  After all, we as Believers, have the TRUTH!

The truth is, there are many absolutes.  Just to name a few:  The law of gravity…what goes up, must come down…Play with fire…and you WILL get burnt!  But the MOST IMPORTANT TRUTH is this: JESUS SAID, “I AM THE WAY…I AM THE TRUTH…I AM THE LIFE”!

You can get by in this life pretending to have your own truth…but if you miss what Jesus said, eternity for you will be excruciatingly painful, and slow…without end!




                                     DON’T MISS THAT!

By:  Anita Mondragon September 2015

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