I’VE CHANGED!! …August 27, 2015

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”  Romans 12:2

Reading the Bible is meant not to inform…but to TRANSFORM! -Unknown


I was looking at a photo album,

Of years, now long since past.

Then I paused, and looked around the room,

And was amazed at the huge contrast!

It was obvious from the photos,

I was disconnected…in my own world;

Concerned with only “me”, and “mine”

Not caring how life for others unfurled.

It was all about material things…

Like fashion, parties, and “how to decorate” magazines.

It was like I was never satisfied,

Always re-decorating, re-painting, and rearranging things.

…New dishes, new silver…New furniture…new diamond rings.

It was important for me to impress…to get…to “out do”.

I had to have the best, the newest and the latest,

Of everyone I knew!

Now, I’m just the opposite…no more a worldly view;

And when this change occurred…I haven’t got a clue!

My outlook’s different now, and you can plainly see,

That possessions of this world, are no longer important to me.

I dress in Wal-Mart fashion when I’m spending really big…

But mostly from the Thrift Store,

Where there’s bargins…if you’ll dig.

The decoration in my house, from fits of shopping attacks,

Aren’t from the regular merchandise…

They’re from the clearance racks!

The paint I’m using now, isn’t Glidden, or Kwal…

But it covers all the flaws, that I find there on the wall.

It’s from the mismatch aisle, and it’s marked down to half price;

It makes the wall look great,  and my pocketbook feel nice.

I’m finding now, it’s better, to give, than to receive,

And the way that you give MERCY,

Shows folks what you REALLY believe!

The things that torch my spirit now, are injustice and disease…

The pain and suffering of the homeless, brings me to my knees.

Drug addiction, child abuse, Runaways, and prostitution…

Children living on the street, in total destitution;

Abortion, rape and murder, are now just commonplace…

Considered to be just the “norm”, for this fallen human race.

To those unlearned in Godly things,

It appears that Satan has top bill…

But to those of us that know the Savior,

And have learned to follow His will,

We know that Satan has been defeated, and soon will be abased,

By the mercy and the love of God, and His unfailing grace!

The things important to me now, may come as a surprise;

Like thankful smiles from grateful folks…or love in a child’s eyes.

A warm coat I can give away,

Or a hot cup of soup, on a cold winter day.

A smile, a warm glance, or a genuine hug;

To feel a touch from a tiny tot’s tug.

To be utterly human, and feel all of man’s cries,

To look at each person with Jesus’ eyes.

To not only pray that injustice will cease,

But put feet to my prayers, and provide some relief

To all those in bondage, in want, and in need,

Who stand day after day and silently plead;

Not with words from their lips…but with pain in their eyes.

To have your ears Lord…to hear all their cries!

To share with them all, how YOU died to set free…

THESE are the things, most important to me!

By:  Anita Mondragon December 29, 2008

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