My Baptism: Michael Pfau

My Baptism

When I was a small child

looking up at a man

sprinkling my head with water so mild

with parents doing the best they can

I don’t remember

but I was told

it was december

and boy was it cold.

many years had past

many of those days struggling

trying to do things on my own, lost…

satan kept on tugging

until I looked up and heard the cross

Jesus said, the time has come

I offer my open heart and arms

and I’ll show you where I am from

I will give you the armor and arms

and give you life anew

It was then I knew

I was to commit myself to Jesus

under the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Upon emerging from the water

I knew this time it was for real

God’s grace

and my free will

changed my life forever.

That beautiful day in August 2014, in my dear friend’s pond, is a day I shall never forget.  I encourage each and every individual to consider making this commitment of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  It has changed my life ten thousand fold.  God is waiting. Are you ready?

Michael Pfau

Michael Pfau Baptism