THE REMEDY FOR DOUBT August 14, 2015

We can stop doubting when we realize that God is good, and He always wants what is best for us! -Unknown


Doubt is the opposite of faith.

Doubt says, “I am not sure because of what I know.” Faith on the other hand says, “I believe because I trust God for what I have not seen.”

The more we spend time with God in prayer, Bible reading, sharing the Good News, worship, etc. the more doubts fade and faith grows stronger. I have found the greatest antidote to doubt is sharing my faith with others. The Bible says, Mark 4:22-24    22 “All that is now hidden will someday come to light. 23 If you have ears, listen 24 And be sure to put into practice what you hear. The more you do this, the more you will understand what I tell you

.Doubt is a tool of Satan to make us lack confidence in God’s Word and consider His judgment unlikely. Come Alive by trusting in God and doing what He says. The more you do the less you will doubt.

By:  Pastor Danny Leavitt