THE TRAIN OF LIFE…August 3, 2015

“This is how you guided your people to make for yourself a glorious name.”  Isaiah 63:14b

Every person God puts in our life, is the perfect preparation for the future only He can see! -Unknown-

This was written by one of my dear friends…Enjoy! -anita


The greatest journey I have ever taken was from one state of mind to another.  I have traveled from a Negative State of being to a Positive State of thinking.

For many years, I lived in a Negative State.  I had a poor communication with the world around me.  My thoughts and ideals were contained within me as a prisoner is confined within a prison cell.  Although I did not hinder the society in which I lived, I did nothing to aid in its growth.  I was well over eighteen, yet I had not registered to vote.  I had ceased living and was merely existing.

One day, I decided I wanted to live again.  On that fateful day, my mind boarded the Train of Life in search of the State of Serenity.  Many stops were made along the way.  Shortcuts were taken only to end in despair.  Free rides were given only to be driven to the brink of nowhere.  I encountered joy, tears, happiness and sadness.  When I finally reached the State of Serenity, I found that my journey had not ended.

I arrived at the train station afraid of boarding the train, yet even more afraid of not boarding it.  Finally I stepped on board with an open mind and a willing heart.

The first state I entered was the State of Admittance.  There I admitted to myself that I was not what I wanted to be.  I admitted to myself that I had just left the State of Null and Void.  Although I was enjoying my first stop, I felt a great desire to ride a bit further.

My next stop was the State of Awareness.  I became aware of the fact that before I could get from someone else, I had to give of myself.

The third stop was the State of Friendliness.  As I stepped onto the platform, I found many people waiting for the train to arrive.  From the very depths of my heart, I smiled warmingly at a woman standing by.  Her returned smile was like a reflection from the mirror of my own heart.  I then reached for the hand of a gentleman.  He eagerly clasped my hand in his.  Instantly my heart came aglow.  Could this be it?  Had my journey ended?  My journey had ended and I wasn’t even tired!  (At least I though my journey had ended.)  During my stay in the State of Friendliness I met many friends.  (At least they SAID they were my friends.)  One day I disagreed with a friend.  The next time I saw him, he was no longer my friend.  My heart was saddened by his rejection.  I cried.  After many heartaches and few precious memories, I boarded The Train of Life again.  I had gotten off at the wrong stop.

I met many people on the train on which I was traveling.  There were many days of laughter.  I spent many nights in tears.  I found happiness for a while.  My heart was discontent.  I spent many lonely hours on The Train of Life.  As unhappy as I was, there was something deep inside of me that would not allow me to leave that train again.

One day, I noticed that more and more people were getting on the train and few were getting  off.  I was slowly being shoved to the rear of the train.  My eyes filled with tears.  Slowly, I bowed my head in fervent prayer.  Silently my heart cried, “Oh God, if you are there, save me!”

I looked out at the sun gleaming across the golden corn.  I saw a sparrow fly silently by.  I heard the rustling of the wind.  He had heard my cry!  On the crowded Train of Life, God had rescued me. I had reached the State of Serenity in the midst of it all, but my journey had not ended.  I must ride until the train pulls into the last station, the State of Death…the destination of us all.

By:  Glenda Jones