WHAT IF…? July 23, 2015

“Well done, good and faithful servant.”  Matthew 25:23

God can use you at any age…IF you are willing. – Unknown


When the Israelites were being chased by Pharaoh, and his army, and Moses called on God to part the Sea…WHAT IF…?  God would have answered, “You know… I would really like to help you out, but I’m a little tired right now.  Why!  I can’t even get myself up off of this throne to lift a finger!  Sorry!  But, call on me the NEXT TIME you need something…maybe I can help you then.”


In the wee hours of the morning, when Jesus was praying in the Garden to His Father, WHAT IF…?  When the soldiers showed up to arrest Him, He had said, “Oh…that trial and crucifixion thing aren’t going to draw a big enough crowd…so I think I’ll go up to the Mount, because there are already 5,000 people up there waiting to see and hear me…  I’m going to perform this huge miracle where I feed them with 2 small fish, and five loaves of bread!  It’s gonna be BIG!”


How about the time the blind man called out to Jesus for healing?  WHAT IF…?  Jesus would have said, “I’m sorry.  I won’t be able to do that for you right now.  See…I have this gig up in Canaan, it’s a wedding and they’re gonna need me to change some water into wine…”

That kind of response from God, would seem preposterous!  But…that’s the answer He hears from us most of the time when He calls on us to do His bidding!  He may ask us to pray for someone, visit the sick, or witness to the lost…but we ALWAYS seem to have an excuse.  We’re either too tired, or we think we aren’t going to receive the recognition we deserve.  We place more importance on OUR agendas, than on HIS CALL!

Here’s the deal:  The things we do in the name of God, should be done for HIS glory alone!  If we do it with a right heart, HE, Himself will reward us!  If we don’t hear and follow the call… someone will suffer in the end…including us!

WHAT IF… We stop making up reasons why we can’t do things, and just heed the call of God?  …I’ll tell you, WHAT IF… Miracles once again will be wrought, and souls will be saved for the Kingdom!  The world will be a better place, and we will be rewarded!

By:  Anita Mondragon March 2015

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