HINDSIGHT IS ALWAYS 20-20! ….July 22, 2015

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”  Proverbs 4:23 NIV

It’s funny how tasting a small bit of juicy, delicious strawberry, blueberry and cherry mix with whipped cream topping can put some perspective on life, but God works in mysterious ways…

The enemy made a short visit to my home this morning.  For a quick moment, I invited him in.  I allowed him to make himself at home.  I sort of even welcomed him.  It was like he was a welcome distraction for but a brief moment, from the hum drum daily activity of waking up, pressing myself to get ready for a part of my life I’ve grown to despise doing, which is going to a job that is unfulfilling, and does not motivate me to do my best, or fulfill my longing desire to be constructive for the Kingdom.  But that’s another story…the paycheck…oh yeah…that’s why I do it…right!?

Nevertheless, back to the “subject”.  He came in, sat down, and made himself at home.  I was comfortable with him there, yet uneasy, I knew he did not belong there…or even “fit in”.  But he spoke things to me, which I agreed with at first.  He spoke about my wife, he spoke about my son, he spoke things about me; and he riled me up!  So much so, I found myself lashing out at my wife, about what, I can’t even remember.  Then I began telling my son, who by the way had no BUSINESS being awake at 4:30 in the a.m., that I was going to spank him if he did not go back to sleep…(now that’s a peaceful thought for him to ponder while trying to meet my demand…huh?)  I yelled at my wife that she was just going to have to deal with it, as I did not have time to…because I HAD A JOB, etc…

Where did THAT come from?  And all the while, the invitee in the room just sat there and grinned, and relished in all of the nonsense!  The funny thing was, in retrospect, I didn’t realize until now, that some people involved, didn’t know we had company.  Then again, at this point, I don’t even remember opening the door for company. But that’s how it works folks!  The enemy “comes in roaring like a flood”, invited…or uninvited.

Here I sit, enjoying the breakfast my loving wife packed for me to bring to work.   I sit here pondering, feeling a little punch drunk, a lot of guilt, and very repentant.  So,  I decided to put pen to paper, and maybe…just maybe, help someone get a realization of…yeah…That’s how he does it…that sneaky, dirty, lowdown enemy of God and man.  The devil starts our days off like that, and then we just continue to scowl all day, just waiting to pounce on the next person who looks at us wrong, or dares to say something we don’t agree with. Maybe they hurt our feelings, and we are ready to lash out and spew our hurt out in words…vomit our anger and rage back upon them.  We do this even to the ones we love and care for the most!

BUT…the fact of the matter is, we CAN command our day!  We CAN command our enemy!  We CAN SLAM the door in his face immediately, and not allow him into our homes…AND…we have the right…THE GOD GIVEN RIGHT to kick him out if he dares to barge in…for he is an intruder!

Hindsight is always 20-20, they say.  I have resolved myself to be more vigilante.  I’m going to use the peephole to see WHO is at the door, BEFORE I open it!  By guarding my heart…being slow to anger, being kind…gentle…being the watchman on the tower, by prayer and supplication…a bit more meek…but not weak!  THAT is how we guard our hearts and keep the enemy out!

It’s much easier said, than done…but I’m going to try!  By God!


By:  Michael Mondragon  July 2015

3 thoughts on “HINDSIGHT IS ALWAYS 20-20! ….July 22, 2015

  1. I needed this today, terrible night sleep. Fortunately I don’t have anyone at home right now to yell at. So I can change my attitude, at least I am awake and I am blessed to have the life I have. I don’t have to work and I am Loved.


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