SEEN IN A MOMENT…July 10, 2015

“…Neither doth God respect any person:  Yet doth He devise means, that His banished be not expelled from Him.”                     2 Samuel 14:14

There is a song by Phillips, Craig, and Dean that goes like this:

“You don’t know just how far away from home I’ve been.”, she said as she looked into my eyes.  “Could it be I’ve strayed beyond mercy’s outstretched hand, and now His grace no longer stoops to hear my cry?  You see…I just want to know; tell me…how far will He go?  Will He still reach to me in spite of where I’ve been?”

And I told her…

He’ll do whatever…whatever it takes!  His grace reaches lower than your worst mistake; and His love will run farther than you can run away, my friend!  He’ll do whatever…whatever it takes!”


Standing at the bus stop,

Staring straight ahead,

Looks as though he’s searching…

But his eyes seem cold, and dead.

His face holds no expression;

Just a far-away, dead-pan glance.

His body language mirrors despair,

In that hap-hazard stance.

A bottle in a paper bag…

No need to guess what’s there.

Then like a kiss pressed to his lips,

He holds it close with care.

The only thing he’s found so far

To give him some relief…

But it’s effects will too soon pass…

Then time to face the grief!

No job, no wife, no one to love…

No house, no kids…he’s lost it all.

No matter where he turns to look,

There’s nothing but a wall.

A prison wall to hold him in,

And keep the lovely out;

There’s no escape…the mortar is thick,

Each brick placed there from doubt.

He can’t climb over…

The wall’s too high.

So he tips the bottle one more time,

And heaves a weary sigh!

“It’s just no use!”, he tells himself.

And takes another sip.

As the wall keeps growing stronger…

Brick, by brick, by brick.

He wants to be free, but he’s tired and worn;

And though he tries with all of his might…

He’s shackled and fettered by things unseen…

Unable to win this fight.

He’s only one in a million…

But you see it every day!

The looks on people’s faces,

Mirror what their hearts would say;

If only we could hear them,

As they cry out desperately,

“Please!  Someone! …Help me!  Save Me!

Oh how I long to be free!”

The things we see in a moment,

That folks live, year after year,

Bring a sigh to God’s heart…

For He sees it all,

And I know He sheds many a tear!

By:  Anita Mondragon February 2013