“But as it is written:  Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him.”  1 Corinthians 2:9

I thank the Lord for the gift of life everyday in prayer.  Not that life itself is the end-all; no, that is reserved for eternity with the one who loved me and you and died for us.  That’s the real goal:  to be with Him…forever.

But one aspect of worship that I always include in my prayers has to do with God revealing Himself to us.  He didn’t have to you know.  He is the sovereign Lord and can act however He chooses.  But He has done so through His Word, the Bible, through the life of His own Son, and through His incredible creation.

The Bible is clear that we are sinners, but it is equally clear that the whole world suffers from that sin.  Romans 8:19-23 speaks of the creation “waiting with anxious longing”, and that it “groans and suffers the pains of childbirth…”  So what’s that to do with my prayer?

As I pray and thank God for revealing Himself, I always thank Him for the awesome beauty, complexity, and sophistication of the world.  Even a creation that is dimly seen…and marred and scarred by the effects of our fallen state as sinners…is still pretty beautiful!  As I watched the recent shimmering displays of the Aurora Borealis, or viewed the sun setting over the mountains in brilliant colors of gold, greens, reds, and orange beneath a sheath of storm clouds that accompanied our recent weather, I know that none of that just evolved.  In fact, why would it?  There is no evolutionary need for an Aurora, or even a colorful sunset.  No, these colors of the sunset, and that phenomenon of the Aurora were placed there by a brilliant God who has an appreciation for beauty, and who has the awesome power to put that beauty on display in all the heavens.  And I want to thank Him for doing so!

A corollary to God’s revelation of Himself through His created order is this:  it shuts away any of my doubts (placed in my mind by sin) about the existence of God.  Is there really a God?…Does He care about me?  I guess I choose to believe that God puts those colors in the skies to remind me that, 1) He’s very much there and in control of His creation. And, 2) He wants me to see the beauty that He loves.  Both of those points are transferable to every person He has created and who choses to believe.

In concluding my prayers, it always occurs to me that, as beautiful as this creation is, it has to pale before what the place where HE dwells, must be like: Heaven.  If a sin-marred creation can look this awe-inspiring, I can hardly imagine what Heaven must be like!  When the time is right…when all the days of my life are fulfilled, I will get that opportunity, and it will be glorious!  I CAN HARDLY WAIT!

By: Lee Pierce

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