DADDY….June 19, 2015

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  Proverbs 22:6

Sunday is Father’s Day, and this is a tribute to my dad.  He’s been gone for 18 years now, but I remember his instruction and advice. I still hear his voice at times; encouraging me…admonishing me…advising me.  I am grateful for a loving father who ‘trained’ me up in the ways of the Lord!  Leaving that to your children, is more important than riches!  Thanks Daddy!   I Love you!

It’s true…I don’t come often

To this quiet and lonely place;

For I know you are not here…

I cannot see your face.

I can’t see your eyes light up,

Or hear your laughter resound;

For your eyes are shut, and your body’s cold

Deep, beneath this dark, hard ground.

In memories dear, that I hold close

To my ever beating heart,

You’re always here…you’re never far,

It’s like we’re not apart!

Regrets in life?  I’ve had a few

…but the worst of those would be,

That I never let you really know

How much you meant to me!

You did without, so that I could have…

You sacrificed it all!

I broke your heart so many times…

But you forgave my fall!

You never held a thing against me…

You loved me to the end…

You were my dad.  You were my rock.

At times, my ONLY friend!

Now that you’re gone, and I’m alone,

Your life lessons, I value more.

When confused and unsure…

I hear you whisper, softly from Heaven’s shore!

You gently cause me to recall

Those things I learned as a child.

They keep me on the straight and narrow…

They keep me from going wild.

In this earthly life, you were all the things

That a daddy ought to be!

You pointed the way to the Father above…

A clear picture you painted for me.

For my Heavenly Father sent His only son,

To suffer upon a tree.

He shed His blood, and forgave my offenses…

He died, so that I could be free!

He holds nothing against me…

He’ll love me to the end;

He’ll always be my Father,

My Rock…my truest Friend!

When I’m confused and so unsure

Of which way I should turn…

He whispers from the shores of Heaven…

Makes me remember what I’ve learned.

You’re in a better place now dad…

I’ve been left here, without you.

But save a place for me daddy…

For someday, I’ll come to you!

I’ll put my arms around your neck,

As we both stand in awe of OUR Father;

We’ll touch His nail-scarred hands,

And fall on our knees together.

We’ll bow before the King of ALL Kings…

And worship HIM…always…forever!

By:  Anita Mondragon June 2010