EZEKIEL June 17, 2015

Read:  Ezekiel 47: 1-12

The prophet speaks of a time in the future wherein the Dead Sea becomes fresh water.  Sometime in the future, there will be a river that flows from the Temple of God.   It shall flow all the way and empty into the Dead Sea.  There will be lush vegetation on its banks.  Fruit trees will grow on both banks (verse 12).  Because this river empties into the Dead Sea, it will cause the Sea to become fresh water.

These verses speak to me, as do many passages in the Bible, of the authority, and accuracy of Scripture.  It speaks to us about a body of water, known to us as a specific and known place in the world, in this case, a sea, changing its salinity.

This passage is a great example of the believability of Scripture.  Everyone has heard of the Dead Sea in the north of Israel…if not in geography class, then certainly at the mall kiosks!  Not only does this passage mention a specific place…unchallenged, and undeniable, it mentions its salinity.  It is a well-known, and undeniable fact that the Dead Sea is known for its high salt content.  Just ask anyone who has been to Israel; they’ll tell you how you can float easily on the water there, and how there is a conspicuous lack of vegetation nearby.  Apparently, the “Dead” Sea has been that way for a long time!

Other religious and historical books speak of intriguing and compelling places in their stories, but the places simply cannot be found on Earth with any certainty.  The book of Mormon speaks of elephants living in the wild of North America, for example.  To date, there has been no paleontological or archeological evidence for this supposition, whatsoever.

This mention of the Dead Sea in Ezekiel, is very specific, even making a reference to the streams surrounding the Dead Sea, which will remain salty, while the Sea itself will be fresh.

The Bible will never cease to amaze me with its certain, specific, and detailed truth!  I thank God that He has given us this road map for our lives that we can believe in with great certainty!

By:  Anna Leavitt