“For I the Lord God will hold your right hand saying; Fear not…I will help you.  Isaiah 41:13

One of my favorite older TV shows was Joan of Arcadia.  Now, I know it’s not very Biblical, but it was really good at portraying some of our human difficulties, and frustrations of dealing with an invisible, and sometimes silent God.

In one of my favorite episodes, God has told Joan to do something.  It is difficult, she can’t understand it, and it is painful.

At the end, when she has completed the assignment, God, in the form of a little girl, is waiting on the sidewalk for Joan, and walks her home, holding her hand.

Don’t we all long for that sometimes…a God who will hold our hand, and walk with us, when we have been through a difficult and painful experience?

The good news is that, God promises just that in Isaiah 41:13.  In the midst of our pain, confusion, doubt, and fear, He promises to hold our right hand, and help us!

By:  Terry Shapiro