God said:  “I know the plans I have for you…plans to prosper you…to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11

There is a great urgency in His step as He walks in silence down the great corridors that lead to the nursery.

His mind is fully focused on the beautiful creation that lies just beyond its windows.  Oh Yes!  He already know the plans He has for this unique soul.  He is totally aware of the potential this spirit-child possesses…after all, He’s the one that placed it there.

He approaches the nursery window, and gazes down at the pure loveliness lying there before Him.  A smile crosses His lips as He sees the likeness of Himself.  He chuckles with delight, and whispers…”Hum!  Like Father…like son!”

Then, out of nowhere, a cloud of sorrow and disappointment comes across His face, and the smile dissipates into nothingness.  He remembers another time He was standing before this window…

As His mind races back to the child-like innocence of another that once lay before Him, He thinks to Himself…how could something so innocent and pure stray so far from my plans?  He could have been a doctor…a lawyer…I know!  I gave him all the tools he needed to succeed; now, here he sits on death row…that once innocent, pure spirit…I had such a bright future planned for him!  Now it’s wasted…gone…forever…

His thoughts are brought back to the present, as He stares at the new spirit-child before Him.  “This one will be different!  He will become ALL I have created him to be…”

His all-knowing eyes search the nursery and come to rest upon a lovely soul.  She smiles at Him…and already, He sees a gentleness about her spirit.  But, again, the clouds of sorrow fill His thoughts for He knows this beautiful child will not be given to the family He intended her for.

She was to be born to a woman who started out in this same nursery.  They both looked so much alike!  He’d had plans for that woman.  He was going to make her a mother, and a loving wife.  He had a good man picked out for her…but she thought life was passing her by, so she took matters into her own hands.  She was not going to live a boring life…waiting for “Mr. Right” to come along…NO!  It was life in the fast lane for her!  Alcohol…drugs…men…all kinds of them…  Soon, she was diseased and old before her time.  The doctors said she could never have babies…

Her sobs and cries could be heard echoing through the corridors, all the way to the nursery.  …Then, another sound was heard, as a shot rang out and she ended her miserable life.

He stood quietly and whispered…”I had plans for you!…Not this…Not this!”

The truth, my friend, is this:  He has plans for all of us!  He looks into the eyes and hearts of every unborn child as He stands at the nursery window of Heaven.  He looked into your eyes…He looked into mine.

Now, here we are, and we must each decide; …do we use the gifts He placed within us to prosper? …Or, do we grieve the heart of God and waste those gifts doing our ‘own thing’?

The choice is ours.  But remember His words:


By:  Anita Mondragon  2005

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