A Brush With Greatness

My wife went to children’s hospital yesterday and met a guy named Ryan Secrest. Yes, that Ryan Secrest.

Ryan Secest

The funny thing is my wife is not a fan of television or pop culture and didn’t know who Ryan Secrest was. To be honest I have heard the name and I know he is on “Idol”, but other than that I have very little knowledge of Mr. Secrest. Apparently Ryan Secrest goes to children’s hospitals around the USA and builds small recording studios for the young patients to have fun making recordings and creating strange sounds. This is a great way to brighten the day of a hurting child.

My wife teaches cello lessons and about a week ago one of her young students had a bicycle accident. James is about 11 years old and fell off of his bike. It didn’t seem so bad at first but the pain would not go away. That night his mom and dad decided to take James to the emergency room as he pain continued to increase. There was very little visible damage but the handle bar had swung around and smashed his ribs and punctured several vital organs. A priest was called in to give James “last rights” that very night. It was bad.

My wife, Anna, went to visit James yesterday because his mom had mentioned that James only wanted his cello CDs to be played in his hospital room. Anna asked if she could visit James in the hospital and mentioned that she wanted to play the cello live in his room. When she got to the hospital Ryan Secrest was there and talked to Anna a bit about the recording studio. Anna mentioned that she was going to go upstairs to surprise James with a live concert. When Anna got to James’ room she was surprised at how thin James had gotten in just a week. He was in a wheel chair and appeared gaunt and frail, but was so happy that “teacher” had come visit him and was going to play for him. He even said that he liked this better than a visit from one of his friends!
Anna played through several of the Cello Suites by Bach and some other things and then asked if she could pray with James. She got down on her knees with James and his mom and they prayed that God would heal James.
On her way out of Children’s hospital Ryan Secrest gave Anna an appreciative nod and wave. (I feel like now I should find out some more about who this guy is).
That night we received a call from James’ mom. She shared her gratitude that Anna took the time to go to the hospital to play for James and also that she prayed with them. She said that James might be released THAT NIGHT to complete his recovery at home. Praise God for those amazing doctors and for the times when a miracle is the only explanation! Prayer is a brush with greatness! I think as Anna was leaving the hospital having prayed with this young boy God himself gave an appreciative nod and a wave!

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