MY LIFE WITH YOU May 2, 2015

“For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be on flesh.”  Ephesians 5:31

My life with you is like beautifully dancing in a fiery furnace…as the fire, embers, and burning ash fall around us, your loving embrace serves as my protection.

Intense ignition occurs upon your touch.  Your beautifully smoky eyes reflect the flame of the fire that burns within my soul for you.

The intense heat rises in my nostrils until the smoke of our entwined existence intoxicates me.  Passion is the fuel and perfect love serves as the oxygen which fans the dancing flames around us.

I burn for you, and you melt for me.

Flashover is the love spark, which He has ignited between us.  Combustion is the purging tool which cleanses the hidden, useless and spent coals of imperfection in our hearts.  Yet, truly we emerge from the heat of every flare up, and the essence of smoke and flame because He is there with us.  The hammer and anvil of our tribulations cannot fracture the welded bonds which the ironsmith has smelted between us.  Together, we traverse the purging fires of trouble and hell; yet, joyfully we continue to dance on, into the flames until the dross is purged.

Then, shall we emerge together as purified fine gold…precious metal in His sight.  Refined…esteemed…and infinitely valuable.

Together, we will endure heat, pressure, and flame.  To be dredged and crafted by the smelter for His good use.  We shall be hammered and shaped, becoming malleable, fit to be worn, as a precious adornment to reflect His Glory.

I shall become the fine chain, and you shall become the precious pendant.  We both shall become beautiful bejeweled raiment made for, and by the Master; and His delight will be in wearing us because the gold was yielded to His hand…

THIS is why I dance with you…

By:  Michael Mondragon