EVICTION NOTICE April 27, 2015

“Submit yourselves therefore to God.  RESIST the devil, and he will flee from you.”  James 4:7

It just suddenly happened one day…I felt the need to change.  My bags were packed, I was ready to go…it was time to rearrange this crazy life I’d lived so long…devoid of mirth, of hope, of song.

So I sat down on my suitcase, ‘whilst deciding where to go…just standing at the crossroad…which road to take?…I did not know.

But Satan saw me sittin’ there, and he said with a grin…”So, where’d you say you THINK you’re goin’?…Hummm? Someplace you’ve never been?  Naw…you ain’t goin’ nowhere…you ain’t leavin!  But go ahead and make your plans…cuz you’re just dreamin!  Ha!  Naw…you ain’t goin’ nowhere…I’ll make sure!”

I looked at him a minute, then I said, “You know…you’re right!  I ain’t goin’ nowhere!  It’s you that’s takin’ flight.  It’s time for me to take a stand…I’ve run from you too long.  All these years you’ve been with me, you’ve only done me wrong.  So here’s your eviction notice…and you better read it well; you’re outta here…and take your friends…you can all go  back to hell!”

He looked at me a second…unsure of what to do.  I’d never talked to him like that…this one thing was quite true!  Then he looked and me and said, “Now…I know you THINK you’re tuff…but this here ride I’m about to give you, is gonna get real rough!  So, buckle up your seat belt, call on your God, and we’ll see…but you can bet your bottom dollar…you’ll never be rid of me!”

Well, I thought he was just barkin’…that’s what I tried to believe; but he had somethin’ unbeknownst to me, tucked up inside his sleeve.  He started pullin’ out some old betrayals, that were still in need of healing…like all my hang-ups, hurts, and baggage; WHEW!  My senses were now reeling!

He said, “Come on now!  It don’t have to be like this!  I can make it all go away, if you’ll just go back to some of those old habits, you had back in the day.  Don’t you remember all the fun we used to have?…You can’t be good!  You know it’s true…you’re too used to bein’ bad!  My friends and me have lived in these rooms here, for such a long, long time…now, you may think they’re yours…but they aren’t…they’re really mine!  You’re not movin’ us out just to move HIM in!  Naw!  We won’t go quietly!” he said with an ugly grin.

I let him finish talkin’…then I stood up and said, “You’ve been after me for lots of years, and you’re always talkin’…but I want you to be quiet instead!  I’m tired of layin’ down for you…I’m ready now to fight; but, it won’t be by MY power…it won’t be by MY might!  No!  I’ll call out to Jesus, cuz I know that He’ll come through!  He WANTS you outta here…He WANTS me rid of you!”

Now, that old devil wasn’t kiddin’.  He put up one awful  fight!  But, he got beat, cuz Jesus made the wrong lose to the right!

From time to time, he does come back, lookin’ for a place; but, I just call out to Jesus…and the devil gets erased!

Each day we live, we have to choose which path that we will take…to choose the right, or choose the wrong, each moment we’re awake.  So listen to your heart, and be careful how you choose; for one choice gives you life…but the other makes you lose!

By:  Anita Mondragon June 2010

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