STARS April 19, 2015

“”God made two great lights…; He made the stars also”  Genesis 1:16

I am so very glad the stars are way up high above me and not beneath my feet, where we could trample on them like tiny little pebbles out there on the street.

Because they are up there in the sky, we can’t step on them, and we can’t touch them.  God does this so they will continue to shine so beautiful and bright.

I think it is such a beautiful and wonderous thing that God created them, that they shine and glimmer so very far away; like a million little lights guiding us on our way.

When I look up at those beautiful and wonderous bright and shiny stars, I thank God for such a beautiful and lovely gift.

Sometimes when I’m looking up into the sky at the stars, it makes me feel like I am looking into the bright and so very, very loving eyes of our strong and wonderful Lord Jesus Christ.

By: Nicole Shapiro