PEACE BE STILL April 5, 2015

“Be still, and know that I am God…”  Psalms 46:10

When on life’s stormy ocean,

My ship’s tossed to and fro,

While sinking fast and drowning,

He reminds me where to go.

Down on my knees I fall,

And there His power is made real…

When the Captain comes on board

And whispers to me, “Peace…be still.”

The tempest raged before me,

As my ship rocked back and forth;

I felt I was alone…

And that my vessel had no worth.

But then the Captain stepped on board

And held me close until,

I heard Him in His still, small voice

Whisper, “Peace…be still.”

There was nothing loud within His voice,

Just quiet authority;

Yet the winds and waves obeyed His will

When He whispered, “Peace…be still.”

He quieted the storm around me,

From the consequence of sin.

The tempest calmed before me,

It was smooth sailing once again.

Now, my days are filled with singing,

And I know His peace is real…

For in my storm, He stepped on board,

And whispered, “Peace…be still!”

By:  Anita Mondragon