Every year Jesus’ parents traveled to Jerusalem for the Feast of Passover…   When it was over they left for home. Jesus stayed behind, but his parents didn’t know it.   Thinking he was with them, they journeyed for a whole day and then began looking for him among relatives and neighbors…  They didn’t find him, so went back to Jerusalem…   The next day they found him in the Temple…The teachers were impressed…But his parents were not; they were upset and hurt. His mother said, “… Why have you done this to us? -Luke 2:41-4

In that quiet, sweet place of worship,
with my hands raised up in praise,
I could feel Him standing close to me…
I saw His smile and felt His gaze.
I wished this moment to go on…
That His presence would stay near;
But when the last song was sung,
and the last prayer said,
I gathered up my coat and Bible,
and left behind my Savior dear.
I assumed He’d walked out with me
even though I never asked.
I took for granted that He’d followed
as He had in times long past.
While in the car, I felt alone…
but did not ponder, “Why?”
For things of life now had my thoughts,
as worry now drew nigh.
I got through Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
before it came to me,
that I’d grabbed my coat and Bible…
but left Jesus in the seat!
How could I have lost Him
in such a holy place
with our spirits interwoven…
held so safe in His embrace?
I’d talked with Him and laughed with Him,
then shared my secrets deep;
But when He reached to leave with me,
I left him sitting in the seat.
He wanted to come home with me
not just be my “Sunday” friend,
for He knew my heart had many hurts,
that only He could mend.
We were close…I’d shared it all;
we had communion sweet…
but I just walked off and left Him
sitting quietly in the seat.
When I came back to church on Sunday,
I saw Him waiting there.
I told Him I was sorry
that I hadn’t called in prayer.
He said that He’d been listening
to hear me call His name so sweet…
but He figured I’d forgotten Him,
for I’d left Him waiting in the seat.
That day I vowed, I’d never leave Him,
and when church was over and done…
I took my coat and Bible home…
but I also took the SON!
By: Anita Mondragon  January 2008


  1. So relevant to the worries of our day and just how many times we leave Jesus sitting and forget to grab his hand………we do it with friends, hug them and grab hands, but we forget Jesus.
    Touching writing to remind us that we are not of this world and we need to remember to grab his hand not just in the morning, not just at church but , every moment, every day


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