THE SEA March 24, 2015

“Who is man that you are mindful of him?…”  Psalms 8:4

I want to go to sleep with the rhythmic roar of ocean waves as the tide goes in…the dark, black expectation…

I want to wake early in full sun.  Sun shining into my room.  The clear sky, a glimpse of azure; a brilliant glint of sun upon the water…the expectation…

A new day…running down to the beach; mind heedless of morning chair, or coffee, or breakfast…or anything else.

Cool sand beneath my bare feet, damp from the night.

Hundreds of tiny shells.  Bubbly froth of seawater’s ebb and flow.

The smell of fish.  There’s a strong temptation to swim in the water…but no; too early…too cold.

Mid morning.  Sun drying the sand.  Warming up…ocean so blue-green.

Staring far, far away at a ship.  Small prop plane waving a sign for a happy hour…

The sea is beckoning me, “Swim!  Swim!  Swim here!”

Thank you God for making this place!

By: Anna Leavitt

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