One more day, my lovely Lord, of breath I ask of you,

to feel your sun shine down on me, and view the sky so blue.

In creation all around me, your handiwork so true,

for Solomon in all his glory, could not compare to you!

The flowers how they toil and spin, were by your handiwork made,

The clouds, and springs, and mountain tops, and the green hue of the blade;

But none can ever hope to be as magnificent or true,

For by your thought and word created, only reflect the glory of you!

The richness of your mercy, and the tenderness of your love,

Are mirrored in sky blue ocean waves, and the feathers of a dove.

The fire of your temperament is reflected by a trillion stars;

The mercy shown to sinful man is proven by your scars.

The vastness of your love is seen in deep dark black of space,

Yet the warmth of your loving kindness, witnessed in a mothers warm embrace.

You alone created everything from a nano-second thought,

Every living, breathing, growing thing, from your precious breath was wrought.

You are the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.

For sinful man, you gave it all, and the Son of Man did send,

To right the wrong that was begun with fallen angel strife,

Your precious heavenly Son was sent, to a lowly carpenter’s wife.

Your plan to reconcile your work, evil tries to thwart day by day,

But greater is He, you sent to us…The Truth, The Light, The Way.

But the angel who tried to overthrow, he who led astray the throng,

Was in his foolish heart jealous, and willed he to become strong;

To defeat your blessed creation is his greatest will and desire,

To kill, steal and destroy the clay, to consume with evil fire.

His place in heaven, lost to him; bitterness is his meat.

So vanity, pain, and destruction, are the crowns laid at his feet.

His desire is to see us fail and perish, each and every day,

And to crush us into worthless poison Makers clay.

But that old serpent is a failure, and couldn’t be more wrong!

His victory…short lived, and won’t continue long!

For the King of Glory’s coming, and Satan will be crushed;

His words of evil and hatred will by Jesus’ command be hushed!

For the Master will rule and reign all things, and will soon right that which is wrong.

Then the truth will be revealed as witnessed by the sweet bluebirds song.

For even the rocks know the Creator full well, and we all His creatures be;

So Lord, I will sit and wait, for your precious face to see.

All I ask is a portion of grace, to love and worship Thee!

By:  Michael Mondragon